Need to take photos of Wayne&Anna, Jerry&Joannie and Gary&Vicky,
fun and light, Not formal and later video.

WEBSITE. – Inspiration, information, invitation
Use identity messaging – not talking about us so much, but talking about them.
Always invite

what verbal message do we want people to see on the website?

visual intro and pic of Jerry  Joanie as pastors of the outreach ministery. Living Word Church of Elsberry

Question? should they be assoc pastors? They want to be recognized as outreach. Meet and greet people on the street.

clothing ministry is their main source of ministry at this time

Both ministries function under Living Word Church. 

Ministry is not considered a church and not tax deductible. 

J and J associate pastors of LWC

Bio – year born again, history of how used by God, how long affiliated with LWC. How long married, how many children??? that info needed or not?

express their heart toward the ministry. Need to see their heart in the ministry. people are attracted to us when they see the heart of the ministry. 

highlights expressing their passion for the people.  Bullets points of their ministry. What is their heart toward those who are suffering. People they meet on the street, on the job. People who are looked down on because of their circumstances. Introduce them to Jesus and not necissarily meeting their physical needs. Giving words of encouragement and not comdemning because of being on drugs/alcolhol. spending time with those in need when they come for the clothing ministtry. 

Knew family situations and the wanting to assist families in need was active before they were ordained. at times were able to help in a few instances. Vision to be able to help those in need. 

videos express the heart in an easier way. letting people meet the ministry by seeing and hearing them online. Video speaks. 

clothing ministry active for approx 2 years.

Our hearts are……     needs to be expanded for the wesbsite and passing on the heart of the ministry.

J and J ministry a work of the heart.

need a slogan that can be used to express the ministry

Wrapped in the love of God just like He wrapped his love in Jesus.

Letting people know they have a purpose in life and bring them to know Jesus. Made by God  and have a  purpose in life. God has a purpose for each person. Made for apupose and are important. 

“I have all the answers” Then follow with “Jesus is the answer”  Follow up with scsriptures. 

Come as your are. God accepts you as you are and so do we. 

Ministry is not a handout but are there for the individual.


The church is a family. Children are part of the family and do not need to be singled out. 

Youth need to be incorporated into the church family. Getting excited when they are exposed to a move of God and then moving into the ministry aspect of their lives. 

Include the kids/youth in the ministry – part of a worship team. A youth group now has a function. 












A place of training…
A place of equipping the sons of God

God loves you exactly the same way God live Jesus.
God feels the same about You as he does with Jesus.
Your loved by the same love the father has for the son.

Welcome video

Use identity messaging – not talking about us, but talking about them
Trying to find out who you really are?
Trying to find your true purpose?
Looking for something different?

We do things a little differently around here…
We don’t judge.
We don’t care if you have tattoos
We don’t care how you dress
We don’t care if you have a past
We just want to meet you:)

Always invite
We can’t wait to meet you!
Sunday’s in person at 10:30 a.m


Who we are – Who we are not?

Where we come from – Two ministries coming together

Where were headed

How you can be apart

What to expect



Bio should be from that person – make it personal in own words.
Use identity messaging – not talking about us so much, but talking about them

Keep background info simple for 

Senior Pastor Wayne and Anna
Hi, my name is Wayne
I believe that “you” are uniquely…

Jerry&Joannie    Clothing ministry.  Funcional anointing is outreach. One on one ministry. developing relationships with people outside of church. Assoc pastors

Gary&Vicky   gift of healing, background, Have a pastor heart. Anointing. Prayer for needs, etc.  Pastoral anointing, function changing as needed. have lead home groups. Their heart is to show God’s love for people, express His love for  them. Believe in the power of prayer. Heart for people who are on drugs, down and out, need to know the love of God. Was addicted to cocaine at one time. former addict.

Don Fields

Apostolic – Phil, Gills


Our mission and vision is directly funded by the generosity of people like you. We believe you can’t outgive God, so when you’re trusting Him with your tithes and offerings we know He will bless the rest (Proverbs 3:9-10, Malachi 3:10-12). We think Christians should be the most generous people on earth to support worthy causes, and there is no organization with more potential to change the world than the local church.

If you would like to give into this ministry,  click here

What about Kids?

The Church at its best is a mixture of people that wouldn’t likely cross paths in other parts of society, different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different ages, varied social economic classes. We are all equal and one in the body of Christ. You know how often non-related, let’s say, teenagers and seniors hang out in the same place? That’s uncommon, but not in the church, and so this unique blend of different people united with a common purpose, that’s what makes the fabric of church unique in our culture.


Events Calendar Page ???
Divi Events Calendar Plugin Feature
for events that can be a banner that can also expire when done

discipleship  and more


Clothing ministry Landing page

Prayer Landing page for our community –
what we believe, why prayer works and testimonials,
with followup with the people

Recovery Ministry Landing page

Watch on line Landing page?

Can we please change the email:


Facebook prayer adds

Google my business

Facebook messenger list

Business Facebook adds



I would like to help pick out a computer because of knowing specific specifications when upgrading to video steaming, ProPresenter ect.

$399 first year & $179 yearly, that’s $15 a month


YoloLiv YoloBox Pro                                       

2 Panasonic HC-V785K Full HD Camcorder 415each 

SmallRig Heavy-Duty Video Tripod, Fluid Head, and Dolly Kit


Dark charcoal grey indoor-outdoor carpet for stage 

Stage Curtains – color black or ink blue

VALANCE PANEL: 2′-0″H x 40′-6″W815                  

STAGE RIGHT DRAPE PANEL, 9′-2″H x 10′-0″W      $605
STAGE LEFT DRAPE PANEL, 9′-2″H x 9′-8″W 605   $605
All Curtains including back wall                               $4500

Stage Lighting
still working on